Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Zen Wheel of Fortune

I recently bought some colouring pencils. My favourite medium to work with are Inktense pencils, but there is no harm in diversifying. On the same day as I bought the new pencils I was out and about without my kids but in the presence of a very dear friend of mine who has inspired me on numerous occasions already. 
Let us just call her The Muse from now on ( you know who you are ). 
My Muse however was a bit sad that day and we had a good long chat about Life, the Universe and Tarot cards. I hope I was able to cheer her up. When we parted that evening I sat down and began drawing her her very own Tarot card, the Wheel of Fortune. I used Zentangle designs and my new pencils to colour it, and it shows my interpretation of how Life seems to be for her. 
I hope I may draw her another one in the future, maybe with some not so cutting and stabbing elements...

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