Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Some more hands

I absolutely loved loved loved making the first set of arted up hads from the last post and so of course I made some more. You gals that have jumped over here from EAU have probably already seen them as I uploaded them into my atcsforall gallery, too. I think I really have to stop doing that to keep it more interesting for everybody that reads this and already had a look in that gallery.
And to everybody else: EAU means Envie Addicts Unite and it is an Envie "swap club" where we swap our arted up envies and send them through the postal system so they get the stamps and 'abuse' that only the postal services can provide (only kidding you postal folks out there).

Anyway, here are some more hands, this time I used my twin kids hands, they are only 2 1/2 years old, so I made sure their fingers were together for the template to provide me with more drawing area.I will start with my sons hands.

He likes the moon very much...

And he loves elephants even more...

And now my little daughters hands, she does have a prickly personality...

Yet there is so much time for her to grow...

I think next time I will be posting about my older boys hands, I have started them already and maybe I will do mine and the hubster, too. 

Monday, 28 March 2016

Art hands

It has been a month already (!) since my last post here, so another blog entry is waaay overdue at this stage! The question is only, what do I start with? I have done lots and lots of art, again most is for swaps and I do not want my partners to see what I did ahead of time. 
So I am going to show you some arted up hand outlines I made for a swap, but I already showed them  to the gals taking part in the swap so I am not spoiling anybodys surprise.

The guideline was to use your own hand as template, the fingers could be open or closed, and then art it up. We were asked to please finish it nicely so I painted some acrylic paints in gold shades and silver on the edges, using a different shade for each hand.
I had not done any Trees of Life in quite a while so I started with one and it became a whole year around series, starting with 





I used my trusted inktense pencils for most of the artwork, the trees are coloured with Spectrum Noir pencils as they offer more accuracy with the shading. I also used a glitter gel pen for the pumpkin and I added some diluted iridescent medium to the winter hand to make the snow, moon and snowman shimmer and I used some undiluted iridescent medium to make the snowflakes. The winter hand is the only hand that does not have gold on the edge but silver (more wintery).

I love arting up hands and so far I kept going and made some more, using my own and some of my kids hands. But that is material for another blog entry...