Sunday, 17 April 2016

One more hand and more...

I have to admit, I love making art hands. I am so glad I saw the art hand swap over on Atcs for all, and that I got accepted into it. The swap was already pretty much full and luckily I got in. Well, you can see the hands I made for the swap in my post from the 28th of March, and then I made more hands in my last post. I have one more finished and the person it was intended for has received it so now I can post it.

I made another Autumn hand for a fabulous trading friend of mine, her art is so wonderful, it took me several weeks to even dare to ask her for a trade. When she accepted I really gave it more than my all to live up to her talent and she assured me by now She was over the moon with what I sent her.However, trading with her has really influenced the way I draw and even the point at which I regard a card as finished and so I wanted to surprise her with a little something.

I tried to make it look as if the tree was coming out of the Cornucopia as well, cause that is where trees come from, isn't it ? ;-)

And this is the back. If you look closely you can probably make out who I made it for.

I could not help it, when I placed it in the large padded envelope I noticed all the arting space on it, and even though it is a yellow envelope, space for art IS space for art...

Of course that is not all I made recently. I also made an art envelope for a partner and I was in a weird mood, so I had my way with a classic painting.

I wrote the adress on the waves on her right hand side. And the back shows it is not really a calm day.


A Mynah Production said...

So suhweet! I love the curly branches of the tree :)

Miss Iowa said...

The fall-themed hand is gorgeous! Lucky trader.