Sunday, 24 July 2016

Just a quick post

I really have not been posting enough as of late, so I decided it was time to share at least a little bit of what I was up to. 
I is the time of the summer holidays and so all my kids are at home with me, plus some additional guests we have this month. First we got a visit by my parents in law who came over from Germany in a camper van. My in laws are fabulous, my father in law can't sit still and so we gave him diy jobs to do. He finished painting doors I had started (gosh how I hate painting doors), put extra shelves into my kitchen presses and helped putting up a fence so my twins won't be running onto the road. My mother in law is great at tidying, so my kitchen for once was spotless!
Then after they left we got some more visitors, my husbands childhood friend and his family are staying in our house with my hubby and kids. I am taking the little ones every evening to sleep at a friends house who is on vacation. My house is just not able to sleep 10 people!

So as you can see I am plenty busy but still do some arting, after all otherwise I would go nuts. Most of my projects are for people who have not received them yet, while others need a separate explanatory post first. I won't be able for that at the moment so it has to wait until I am back home. 

But I can share with you my first proper whimsical mixed media face! I used markers, acrylic paints and newspaper pieces, I hope you like it. Any tips you can share with me for nose shading, I am all ears...


A Mynah Production said...

She's a beauty m'dear! Man oh man are you busy...It's nice that you have such helpful in laws...lucky you! Enjoy your visitors! :)

palmira campos said...

I love her. Beautiful art.