Sunday, 9 October 2016

Featured Artist: Kristen part III

So now as promised in my last entry, I saved the best pieces that Kristen made for me for last. And this time I am not talking hd/hp but sculpted goodness she sent me for Christmas. I could not believe my eyes when I unwrapped her package and to this day the pieces are on my nightstand right next to my bed so I can see them when I go to sleep and first thing in the morning when I get up.

She made me this beautiful polymer clay snail on canvas, with beads and texture paste! I just love the snails elegantly curved eye antennae.

And then this mindboggling piece. I have never asked her about it but I am pretty sure she even made the canvas herself.

This is the front of the canvas, featuring the cutest Christie Friesen inspired dragon EVER!!! Kristen had mentioned before she was a Christie Friesen fan but I never looked up her works before I saw this. Isn't the dragon just adorable? The dragon and the flower both feature sweetwater and lther pearls and beadwork. 
And then I turned the canvas over...

And here is the treasure the dragon is guarding, one single, beautifully ornamented dragon egg. I love the mixed media approach in this, I have not yet used newspaper or bookpages in my work. And the canvas itself is about 4" deep. I turn the canvas around on my nightstand every now and then, but mostly I like looking at the cute dragon and flower on the front.


To finish off, I will share a little pendant that Kristen made out of her own art and a scrabble tile. And yes, i do wear it on special occasions...

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A Mynah Production said...

Wowzers! I admire her ability to sculpt! I'm not so good at it! Tee hee! :) Thank you for sharing!