Sunday, 25 December 2016

More Henna Art

Just the same as pretty much everybody else that celebrates Christmas I have been getting ready for the big occasion. Not by going to the hairdresser or getting a manicure and pedicure, and not by frantically going to the supermarket or the mall for some last minute shopping. I had ordered some clean and organic Henna powder online and then wited patiently for my previous Henna stains to fade so I could pretty myself up a bit for Christmas.

This time I actually "planned" my design in a sketchbook first, and I carefully mixed my Henna ahead of time, taking note of how long the dye release process takes etc. It was all very scientific. I also made some test tattoos on my feet so I would know what essential oils produce what kind of a stain. So thusly prepared I happily went ahead and made my hand and feet very pretty indeed.

Before I show you the pictures I have to give special mention and thanks to my husband. He has a very fancy camera and he is very good at taking pictures. And he also has all these different lenses for different kinds of pictures and so on and so on, I think you get the idea... he has camera gadgets.
And he always insists I make sure I post only high quality pictures of my work because I usually just use the low resolution camera on my iPad for convenience. But this time I ASKED him if he wanted to take pictures of my Henna tattoo and he gladly obliged.
The poor guy. The lense he had on his camera was not a very good one for photographing hands, I was quite shocked to discover the extremely stumpy nature of my fingers. So he had to change lenses several times until I was finally satisfied with the non- stumpy result. But even now, several days later, in the middle of a discussion I am about to loose, I will refer back to this moment and accuse him of giving me stumpy fingers.

Well, the final result are a few very nice pictures of the fresh Henna paste on my (not stumpy fingered) hand and on my foot. On the foot design you can see the test stain on the side of my heel, and let me tell you, they turn very dark.

And gosh did I have a big amount of mixed paste left over. Good that a day later a friend came to visit and she is one of my guinnea pigs for Henna designs. So I was able to use up my paste on her...

And I have to say, my husbands camera takes much better pictures than my little iPad camera...

Happy Christmas !!


A Mynah Production said...

Wowza! They look awesome! ...and don't have stumpy fingers! Everyone is just too critical of their own selves. They look like perfectly beautiful hands to me. :)

Sue Skene said...

Maybe you can find a salon that'll let you sell your henna art to customers? I know I would make an appointment! Especially in the summer months when a person is wearing shorts and sandals. The henna art is better than jewelry. :)

Janina Claywoman said...

These designs are sooooo lovely... I agree, I'm sure you would do wonderful at a salon... even an old gal like me would love to have a little fun & try something new!!!

megan said...

Your henna work is beautiful! I wish you could practice on me!! I usually get henna every new year's's such a fun tradition and I love how it just lasts long enough!!