Wednesday, 1 March 2017

A special award for a special friend

I have been making a lot of Henna art lately, and I really do mean... a lot! So this post and possibly the next post will be dedicated to art with Henna or just Henna inspired art. 
todays post is about a project I started (and finished) for a friend of mine in Canada. We have been trading here and there for a while now over on, and also we have been giving each other a lot of encouragement over the last year so I decided to make her a little birthday present. That said I should mention that her birthday was in December, but hey, these things take a while, and as long as I get stuff done eventually all is good in my book. 

So for my friends project I needed a container or a box to ship it in, and as I was basically plastering Henna all over the place I decided to go for Henna inspired art with acrylic paints. In the first picture you can see all the stuff needed for some acrylic Henna art, the (still plain) barrel box I was planning to use for my project.

I will mercifully spare you the gory details of toiling over this barrel, paint cone in hand, quietly swearing under my breath with every stroke that is not 100% "perfect"...
Instead I give you a nice all around view of the finished vessel, I used a dark violet acrylic for the main colour and a copper acrylic in the paint cone for the mehndi art.

Of course this lovely barrel also has a lid...

After all the acrylic paints had dried I used a waterbased clear satin varnish to seal everything. The varnish tends to raise the unpainted woodgrain a little bit but I could not really sand it back to smooth, I was afraid I might damage the black rims around the painted details. Instead I opted for several varnish coats to make up for it.

And inside was the proper surprise and (very) late birthday gift, my friends very own little award, a tiny polymer clay dragon cradling a needle felted oak seedling and acorn, who knows, maybe the beginning a mighty tree of life? 

And even if it was just an ordinary oak, how could anybody resist this cute little dragon?


A Mynah Production said...

Lucky ducky to the person that received that! I love that you took a plain object and made it an ornate work of art! ....but more importantly, I love that you swear at your art to make it do what you want! LOL! I find myself doing that too! :)

Juanita said...

That is freaking gorgeous!! Makes me want to do some! You are so special to all of us.