Thursday, 27 April 2017

My new Mehndi supplies box

I am doing a lot of Mehndi inspired art for a few months now, trying to learn more designs and patterns, coming up with my own, too. The one thing that annoys me is that I still have all my Henna related supplies in a paper bag on (sometimes under) my art table. In this baggie I have my mylar foil to make the cones, a supply of sellotape, spare stockings for filtering the powder and de-clumping the henna paste, just simple, basic Henna sundries. 
So I decided to take another one of my blank wooden boxes and art it up to hold my supplies, of course when I get to do Mehndi in public it will also come with me. 

I started out by painting it all black with acrylic paint, and after it dried I took a chalk fabric marker to sketch out my designs I wanted on the different sides.

I then used some metallic rusty colour to mehndi up my box.

All the sides have a different floral design on it because I really enjoy painting different kinds of petals, but they are all kept simple to allow for further embellishment with...


The light blue glitter in the flower and the paisleys was white in the little pack. Depending on how you hold the lid it now shimmers blue or green...

The best part about this is that I have sooo much glitter in my stash, sooo many different types of craft glue, and making your own glitter glue is sooo easy! I love easy! 

Making your own glitter glue also means you have greater flexibility, you can choose from more colours, how fine you want the glitter to be, and even how you want to apply it. I used an old paint brush but I have also used a mylar cone filled with glitter glue for previous projects.

The picture above shows one of the short sides of my box, the two holes are for a carrier rope. I have replaced the rope in the holes since I took the pictures.

So this is my new Henna supplies box, after the last bit of glitter glue had dried I gave it a couple of coats of thinned waterbased varnish to protect the wood.
Inside I store some small bowls set aside specifically for mixing Henna paste, some small spoons used only for Henna, my stash of mylar/wrapping foil for my cones, sellotape, scissors and it also fits a small notebook for my designs.

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A Mynah Production said...

Wowza! Every time you show one of these, the design gets more intricate. You are doing amazingly awesome with these :) I love how you did it with paint that stays the way it is when it's applied. beautiful work m'dear!