Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Polyptych Style Zentangle inspired art

I was working on this piece for a few months already and I had not yet found the right tangles to finish it. But I finally sat down and learned a few more awesome tangles, filled any empty spaces and added the colours. But something was still missing and as I had just bought a huge amount of gel pens I decided the picture needed some (a lot) of glitter...

I then cut it into 6 ATC size pieces (2.5" x 3.5") and I am trading them over on atcsforall.com.

I had a 2" strip left over on the right hand side and decided to keep it and use it as a bookmark.


A Mynah Production said...

This is so fab...I woulda had a difficult time cutting it up!

Donna said...

As a whole, your zentangle is beautiful. Cut into individual ATCs, your zen is even cooler! I love that you had a strip left that you could keep for yourself! I think I would have had to think very hard about cutting it into ATC sizes too!