Monday, 22 February 2016

Valentines 2016

Today I want to share with you all the making of a lot (!) of Valentines I have sent to lots of different people this year. I should explain to the uninitiated that I am not just sending Valentines cards and such to random people, all the recipients are part of an art trading community based in America, so most of the mail went there. We could sign up for sending the Valentines and instead of being assigned a partner we were to send a Valentine to each person that had signed up for it. I admit that a lot more people signed up than I had anticipated and I was very glad I had started work on these in late January. 

If you have not yet got your Valentine, the following could ruin the surprise for you and it is entirely up to you to keep reading!!!

Ok, I did want to make different cards for all but I knew I would probably run into time trouble along the way and so I decided to compromise. I took my chalk pastels (or soft pastels) and drew hearts in different colours all over several sheets of paper. And then I chose a different colour for each paper for the background and cut all into four single cards each.

I then sealed the individual cards with a spray sealer ( yes, I could have done that before I cut them but I had just bought a paper cutter and went a bit mad...), wrapped in individual plastic baggies and then I had to get out my good old sewing machine for these...

And this is how I mailed them, the pic was taken before I had to put a huge green customs sticker on each...

So far I have received two of the beauties that are (hopefully) headed my way, no luck in the mailbox today, though. Ah, nothing beats getting reaquainted with anticipation!

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