Monday, 8 February 2016

Some PC work

I realise I have not posted in e few weeks, gosh, how time flies! I have been arting lots and lots, but I can not show what I did just yet, I don't want to spoil the surprise for the recipient. 
I can however show what else I have been doing, and I have been doing a lot of sculpting with polymer clay in the last few days. And also doing lots of mixed media art, and that is something new to me, I usually like to stick to my paints OR fabrics, but now I am starting to really get into using a variety of materials in my works. 

Today I am posting pictures about two small canvas I made for myself. The first uses polymer clay, seed beads, acrylic paints and mica powder. The whole thing is then painted over with a satin waterbased varnish, to protect it from dust and to help the beads stick better in the clay. Next time I will anchor them with wire...

And while I was at it I made another one, but here I used acrylic paints, pearlescent medium for the moon and stars, wire and seed beads. This time only the canvas is varnished. Then I drilled holes in the canvas and attached the tree with matching wire, secured at the back.

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A Mynah Production said...

I love the jewel tone colors! My fave is the wire work. It looks so intricate :) Beautiful!