Tuesday, 19 January 2016

1916 Easter Rising Project Part III

You have been very patient so far, and at this stage the quilt is nearly finished. The dolls are each unique already because each has a different pattern in shape and colour of fabric used. But they do need a little bit more personality to enable the viewer to really emphasize with the victims and their families.

If you read some of my previous posts you know that I picked up needle felting recently, It is this new hobby that provided a solution for the previously daunting question of "how to add hair?". I took about 3 different colours of roving and mixed small amounts together in different combinations to achieve a nice variety of natural looking colour.

These are the girls hair bits, needle felted to make it look like it is parted in the middle.

The hair is then needle felted onto the dolls heads and tied with ribbon. I worked the ladies first, you can see the lads await their turn in the background.

NextI had to add some facial expression, the faces are drawn on. As all of them died during or because of The Rising I gave them all closed eyes.

They all have slightly different faces and fit perfectly into their pockets. My husband took some photos with his good camera, so I am not torturing you with low quality pictures of the finished quilt. 

It is called "Child Victims of The Rising"


A Mynah Production said...

This is amazing work! I could never do something like that on my own. I am totally impressed with your skills woman! The message that you are putting out there...it's just so well thought out. Bravo!

Donna said...

What a great honor to have been chosen for this project! Congrats on that! Your quilt is beautiful and so very thoughtful. I had never heard of the 1916 Easter Rising. So very sad. Your quilt will be very well received. You did a wonderful job of conveying the loss of these children.