Saturday, 2 January 2016

Felted Lady

Happy New Year everyone!

I had some hopes that I could have a nice and peaceful start into the new year, but far from it. I am currently working on a patchwork project (a wallhanging about 1 mtr square) that is to be displayed in our local town art gallery in March. I received a call last Wednesday stating they want to bring out a catalog and I had to submit a picture of the finished work by January 15th. Gosh am I glad now that I started months ago already, I know I am under time restrictions from my busy family and so I have a headstart now. But I still have to stick to a strict evening and (while hubby is still home this week) daytime regime to get it all done. I am not sure if the gallery is ok with me posting pictures here before they have the piece in hand so I won't until March. But what I can disclose is that it is a wallhanging with 36 pockets to hold 38 rag spirit dolls (I was under size restrictions and the 36 pockets have even measurements). Two of the dolls will be affixed to it by other means uet to be determined. I have the quilted pockets done and now all that's left is finishing the dolls.

But other than that I have discovered the new medium of felting, wet and dry. And I admit that Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, I am sure that I am not the only one. And one of the pins was a needle felted Mother Earth figure, mot tutorial, just an Etsy listing. But as soon as I saw her I thought I had to have one! Since I already had the wool and the needles to hand I got busy (that was before I knew about the new deadline).

The first picture shows the basic wool I used as filler and to define the basic shape.

Then some more definition around the head

And I learned that she -like me- needs a bum to sit...

I then proceeded to cover her skin with green roving, some hair on her head I and gave her an Earth belly. My first Earth impressin, so please be kind with judgement...

I really love her hair like this...

But if she was to ever entertain guests or some such I had to tame it.

And also side view and rear view, since I love her bum, too ;)

After I took the pics I stabbed her a bit more with the felting needle to define her arms and legs a bit more and to make her a bit denser. She will be part of a little scenery for my living room, but more on that in a later post, after I finished my quilted project...

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