Tuesday, 1 December 2015

DIY Rolo Holder II

I have mentined on my favourite page ATCsforall.com that I have started a little Rolo collection, but that I am still lacking a proper holder for them. But what I have however is a seemingly endless supply of art and craft goodies. Among other, countless items I had in my stash a handfull f the wider lollipop sticks, in plain without any added colour. And I saw a great video on (guess where) Youtube 


Where a lady makes a sort of treasure chest with lollipop sticks. My mind started working and then....
I went outside into the shed and located my hot glue gun.

In the first picture you can already see the lollipop sticks in the corner, and I used gesso and some natural yarn I don't know the proper name of right now (how awkward is that).

In the video the lady secured her sticks with tape before she did the gluing and it makes absolutely perfect sense.

Here we can see the bottom and the lid nearly done, all thats missing are the fronts and backs.

And this is it. I used the same yarn stuff for the decorative handle for easy opening and closing. I used up all of my sticks, but if I find some more tucked away somewhere I will use them to glue a sort of guide rail inside so the lid will not sit on sideways. And if I get my hands on some pieces of chain I also will attach those into the lid to stop it from opening all the way and then falling backwards. Ah well, it all is a learning curve. Once I am a little less busy with the month of December I will make some dictionary page butterflies and attach them to my Rolo box. That might be in line with the sort of natural look it has now.


A Mynah Production said...

Suhweet! I like the way it looks with it's natural color, but I can also see doing maybe a Gelli print on the sticks. :)

Miss Iowa said...

Very creative! What size rolos are you collecting? Oh, and is burlap the word you're looking for?

Anonymous said...

Great idea! As Miss I said, your "natural yarn" is burlap. :) At least that is what we call it here in the US.