Thursday, 26 November 2015

ATC Book

I LOVE Pinterest. The amount of inspiration I got from pins is mindbogglingly amazing! All the things that can be done, from upcycling wooden pallets for furniture to marbeling ribbon and canvases, to name only a few, I have done the marbeling, and my sofa is made from timber pallets and an old matress (which is brilliant when you have 4 young children that drag food and drink all over the place), with sheets that can be changed and washed in a jiffy!
I also have gotten a lot of ideas for ATC making. One of which was for an ATC book. The original Pinterest pin was about APCs (altered playing cards) and it was not a tutorial, just showing the finished accordion style folded booklet. But it really really got me thinking. 
I am doing a monthly ATC trade over on The original trade agreement was for 2:2 cards, with the design being up to whatever the artist feels like. It has however evolved into something much more from here, I sent her a few 9 card polyptychs (?) since then, she got me hooked on rolos and made me an awesome canvas, too. We just try our best to make this trade something special. 
So for our November trade I decided to make my partner an ATC booklet. I used my trusted inktense pencils for the background, but also my new Promarkers and Sharpies for colour pop. I had no pretty jump rings at my disposal so I had to make my own from sturdy wire, but I think it worked out fine. On the back of the cards I wrote her a letter, but I am not going to show that here...

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A Mynah Production said...

Fun! I love all little handcrafted books. They seem to have a bit of mystery to them. Upon sight, they entice you to open them. :)