Sunday, 8 November 2015

Some marbelling

The other day one of my kids asked me if I could do some art with him. I had started planning out a little something I wanted to do with them and so we took the opportunity and got out our old and manky looking set of Dominoes and some nail polish.
I had saves some small plastic containers and we filled them with water. Now you can put drops of polish onto the water and they will spread out. Just keep dropping the polish into the centre so you get some rings. Next you take some toothpicks and drag the ring edges into one another to create the marbeled effect. Last you dip the object to be marbeled into the spot you like best (slowly and carefully) and take off any nailpolish that is still on the surface with a Q-Tip, that saves on clean up time. And thats it already, as easy as pie. 
Watch out, though, the varnish dries quickly as soon as it hits the water and you might carefully have to remove the outer rings of "skin" so you can do the marbeling with the toothpick.


Here are the results we got :

My oldest sons Dominoes, he did most of it all by himself! (I am so proud!)

Next up are my second sons Dominoes, he is a bit younger and asked me to give him a bit of a hand. (I am so proud of him, too!)

And mine, I only got to do mine after the boys had gone to bed...

Now I just have to find something I could do with them. Maybe I will make a little Dominoe book...


A Mynah Production said...

Bravo! Very beautiful work by all! Books? Yes! Jewelry? Hope so!

Donna said...

I love doing art with fingernail polish! I've never marbled with it though. All of the dominoes came out beautiful! Domino books would be really cool!

arriettyclock said...