Saturday, 7 November 2015


The last few days were madly busy for me and my family. Last week the boys were off school for mid term break and so this week we had to get back to business as usual. Unfortunately the mid term break had the side effect that now my twins won't sleep during the day anymore, resulting in cranky twins and an exhausted mom in the evening. 
But I am still stealing my daily art time. I will not be able to show all my creations just yet, as some are for birthday babes over on, and some are for personal trades were my partners have not yet received my cards. 
But what I can show you are some of my new index cards for my (very small) rolo collection. I had been asking around, how other people organise their rolos, and some have no order and just twist their circular Rolodex holder every now and then. While another person sorts them by artist and has artist specific indexcards for her trading partners. That is a fantastic idea I think and so I started making some index cards. 
Also I started getting cosy with my permanent markers I purchased a while ago to paint some canvas shoes. This has opened up some interesting design possibilities for me and also forces me to use a different style than with my comfy Inktense pencils. But see for yourself. 


A Mynah Production said...

You're making me itch to do Rolo's again! I will get back to them soon. I love the bold patterns that you are using on each of your artist indexes. )

Donna said...

The dragon eye is fabulous! I like them all, but the!