Monday, 22 June 2015

Eyeball Shroom

I just realised that I completely forgot to post a Shroom yesterday. I had avery busy day with my family and since I do not want to deprive you all of a Shroom, here goes.

The Eyeball Shroom might not be very pretty to say the least. It is very affectionate to its owner, though. The Shroom will follow its owner through the room by swivelling its eyeball cap, and if it ever gets sick, a little cuddle will work wonders. Remember: an Eyeball Shroom is not just for christmas!


LindyLu said...

Your 'shrooms are a hoot! You put a very fun vibe in your art:)

Gemini Norn said...

Thanks, if you have any Shroom ideas, let me know ;)