Thursday, 22 October 2015

2 drawings today

I actually completely forgot to post the #inktober drawing I did yesterday, so today I am posting two wonderful zentangle designs. The first rolo in black and white features "Maisie", by Carla Jennings. It reminds me of seed pods and the decorative designs used for the seed pods can basically be anything. I think I might be using this one quite a lot in the future.

The second (todays) design is call "Twizted", by Terry Brown. I used my dip pen and blue ink to draw it. Twizted reminds me of ripe grains, ready to be harvested. I had very little initial contrast in between the separate grain sheafs (?), so I just went over the outlines again with my blue ink, that seemed to just give it a nice dimensional effect. I am not sure if that can actually be seen on the picture, as my iPad has a very low resolution.

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