Saturday, 31 October 2015

Last of inktober

Today is quite an important day. Well, maybe not important, but a lot is happening today. It is quite obviously Halloween! And all the big and small kids are out and about trick or treating. Of course so were we (and takings were very plentyful) and my kids carved some beautiful pumpkins and put them in the driveway to signal to fellow trick or treaters. The first pumpkin you see has Happy Halloween carved on the other side and the second one has 5(!) faces all over it, although I am only posting two of them...

It is also the last day of the #inktober challenge, and my goodness, what a challenge. Do a drawing every day for a month, in order to develop good and daily drawing habits. I made it! I made a drawing every day and I enjoyed doing it. It was a chance to lay the groundwork for my Zentangle pattern rolo library, and I will keep it going, daily challenge or no.
I am still kind of glad it is over. I learned that basically I already have good drawing habits, I draw nearly every day of the week anyway, regardless of any challenges. But I am also very busy with family life and it is very hard sometimes to allocate the time for it. The feeling of "falling behind" is not a feeling I wish to associate with one of my favourite hobbies on a regular basis.

Here are my last #inktober drawings. The first is called "Punzel" by Maria Thomas, a variation of "Chainging", also by Maria Thomas. I have not as such worked with this one, but it is awesome when it is done, and it looks much more complete than its parent "Chainging". I will do that one later and then you will know what I mean.

And my last #inktober challenge drawing for this year:


Donna said...

Congrats on not missing a day in the Inktober Challenge! That's a great accomplishment! I love your zentangles!

A Mynah Production said...

My goodness...everyday?! That's fantastic! I've been slipping a bit in my everyday art'in...and I'm going crazy with all of my ideas floating around in my mind. Hopefully I'll get them out soon!

I love the look of that chaining! Great works lady!!