Friday, 9 October 2015


Todays #inktober drawing is a combo of different zentangle designs, so I did not list them all. I made the drawing in my sketchbook, which works perfectly well for pens and pencils, but unfortunately not so much for ink drawings. The ink bled a little and so I did not get any clean crisp lines. I also tried diluting gouache paints and watercolour paint and use them for ink (since I am too cheap to buy the good bombay inks I crave), I just have to work a little more on my consistency so the colours do not appear to be too weak.


A Mynah Production said...

I like the strong black and white veins running through this! Great work :)

Gemini Norn said...

Thank you, Mel. The veins are the main "betweed" design that divides the square into sections