Monday, 26 October 2015

#inktober drawings 24 - 26

Hi, Everyone. 
I was a little bit busy over the weekend (and it was a long weekend here) and I also got sick with sinusitis. I have been drawing my daily #inktober zentangle rolos, I just did not have the time or energy to write even a short post, so now I am giving you 3 lovely rolos in the one post. 

This tangle is called Sprigs, by Michelle Beauchamp. I really loved drawing it, I am already planning to use it in a larger project in the future. I left it plain this time, without shading or colours because I wanted the lines to speak for themself. 

This next tangle is called Pokeleaf, and it is a variation of the Pokeroot I posted previously, by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. I really like Pokeleaf, much more so than Pokeroot. Maybe if I experiment some more with both of them I might warm up with the berry shaped Pokeroot a bit more.

And this last tangle for today is called Squid, also by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. I was a bit afraid to draw this one, every time I saw it in pictures it seemed somewhat chaotic and "untidy". I was doubtful if I could understand its internal dynamics (I don't know if that makes sense). But when I sat down to draw I had no trouble whatsoever. In fact, I enjoyed it very much, it had a very nice flowy and organic feel to it when I drew the lines. 

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